Monday, October 08, 2012

The Time of My Life

Ah… The bliss of long weekends. Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and although I never really got into the habit of eating turkey, I do like the part where you remember about gratitude.

I was talking to my naturopath the other day about stress, its physical manifestations and ways to manage that. I talked about being overcommitted - it's something I started recently, this talking about the madness that is my list of commitments in the hope that admitting I have a problem will be the first step in solving it. We went through the various things on my list and most of them are interesting and meaningful - like for instance Show Is Your Hands! and by the way, have you seen our new website? It's beautiful.

And that's when I realized something enough to say out loud to another human being. I'm having a blast. I don't remember another time in my life that was so completely about the joy of doing wonderful, useful things and having the energy and ability to (mostly) do them.

And sure, I'm exhausted most of the time and really need to get enough of a grip that I don't work until shortly before midnight. And I need to remember that having a chronic illness means maintaining a careful balance of doing and rest because otherwise you can't keep doing and blah, blah, blah…

But tell me this: how do you get off the roller coaster when you are having the time of your life?

I am lucky, lucky, lucky. I found a medication that helps my body have the ability to do what I want. I have found people and places with whom to do things that captivate and fascinate me and which make (almost) every day a joy. Yes, even when I'm exhausted and hurting because I've done too much. Even when I feel like my life is going by in a blur and I have no idea how it got to be Thanksgiving already and know that I have a problem with workaholism, but…

Life is good. 


AlisonH said...

Go Lene! You made my day, reading this. Thank you!

Diana Troldahl said...

It's worth it to rediscover teh joy. The sad part of the posts over the past year was that the joy seemed overshadowed by the fatigue. I think that is another good reason to find balance, so that the joy can shine through.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the exact same place, minus the meds that actually work. I'm working with my counselor trying to decide which of my activities that bring my joy, meaning, and fulfillment.....which one do I eliminate? Such a good place to be in, yet such a hard decision to make. If only we could find a med that actually worked, maybe I could do more. Even then, I'd probably have to give up a few things though. My cup is simply overflowing with good things. Rebecca