Greatness in the Ordinary: The Self-Care of Movement

This summer, I went to  The Self-Care Mvmt Summit in Toronto. It was an inspiring event where, among other things, I got to listen to Margaret Trudeau talk about her journey with bipolar disorder. It was my first exposure to Self-Care Catalysts, a company that has a unique approach to helping people with health conditions practice self-care and self-management. In my new post for HealthCentral, I interviewed several fascinating women, including Kirsten Schultz of Chronic Sex, to learn more about the organization, their apps, and their approach to helping people in the community:

"“There is greatness in the ordinary. People who live with illness have many small victories every day and there is greatness in that.” These wise words were said by Grace Soyao, the founder and CEO of Self-Care Catalysts, the organization behind SelfCareMVMT.

Self-Care Catalysts is an organization committed to enabling people living with health conditions to engage in self-care and self-management. They do this through their app, the Health Storylines tool, which has been developed in different versions for a variety of conditions.

They also organized the Self-Care Movement Summit this summer in Toronto and I was privileged to attend.

The Self-Care Movement Summit

Photo credit: Lene Andersen

Margaret Trudeau, mother of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, gave the keynote speech at the Summit. She spoke about her own journey with bipolar disorder, which began when her then-husband Pierre Elliott Trudeau was the prime minister of Canada and she was the mother of small children. Her speech was infused with humor and heart."

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