Dealing with Nausea in Chronic Illness

I have battled nausea for as long as I've had RA, so why not write what you know? My new post for HealthCentral looks at how to cope with nausea related to chronic illness:

"Nausea is a particularly nasty symptom. Your stomach’s on a rollercoaster and you’re sure you’re going to throw up. It can occur as a precursor to vomiting, or on its own. Generally, it can happen when you have stomach flu, motion sickness, or are pregnant. But for people with chronic illness, it may be part of their every day."

See the rest of the slideshow with lots of tips on how to deal with nausea on HealthCentral.


Dogandduck said…
I carry dramamine with me, always. I can get cars sick driving. Skiing/driving in fog will do me in. I don't watch when the boys play video games.
One of the boys has taken an attitude about me saying car sick instead of nauseated. Which is easier to say? :~)